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In Commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of

Brown v. Board of Education

The Smithsonian Institution
National Museum of American History, Behring Center
Program in African American Culture

The Howard University School of Law

The NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc.

and the


Present a Conference and Town Meeting on

Race and Rights: Brown v. Board of Education and the Problems of Segregation, Desegregation, and Resegregation in the United States

Friday, February 20, and Saturday, February 21, 2004
National Museum of American History, Behring Center

Presented in conjunction with the Smithsonian exhibition

Separate Is Not Equal: Brown v. Board of Education

Event Photos

20 February 2004

Opening Ceremony: “Brown v. Board and Bolling v. Sharpe at Fifty”  7-9pm

Processional: “We Have Come This Far By Faith”

Welcomes and Greetings

Howard University School of Law: Kurt Schmoke, Dean

NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund: Elaine R. Jones, President and Director-Counsel

NAACP: Lorraine Miller, President, NAACP Branch, Washington, DC


Keynote: Vincent Harding, Iliff Theological Seminary, Denver


Howard University Chapel Choir, Paul Gatling, director


21 February 2004

Panel I: Before Brown: Freedom Struggles, White Privilege, and Segregation, 9-11am


Facilitator: Pete Daniel, NMAH


Reginald Hildebrand, UNC, "Education at the Dawn of Freedom: Competing Views"

Frank Wu, Howard Law School, “Bridge Building Through Brown: Asian Americans and Equal Opportunity”

Linda Williams, UMCP, “The Constraint of Race”

Raymond Gavins, Duke University and Woodrow Wilson Fellow, “Remembering Jim Crow: African American Life in the Segregated South”

Panel II: Brown and Its Aftermath: Desegregation, Resegregation, and the Shifting Political-Sociocultural Landscapes, 11:15am-1:15pm


Facilitator: Genna Rae McNeil, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill


J. Clay Smith, “Roads to Brown and Roads After Brown

Ron Walters, Political Science, University of Maryland, “The 1954 Decision and Conservative Reaction.”

Diane Pinderhughes, U of Ill, Wilson Institute, “The 1954 Decision and the Civil Rights Legislation of the 1960s”

Linda Greene, University of Wisconsin, “From Brown to Grutter; Toward an Inclusive Vision of Racial Equality”

Panel III: Howard University School of Law Town Hall Meeting: ‘An Intergenerational Conversation About Brown v. Board of Education’, 2:30-4:30pm


Facilitator: Professor Charles Ogletree, Harvard University Law School


Jaclyn Cole, HUSL Student
Daniel Collins, HUSL Student
Brumit De Laine
Marisa Demeo
Hank Jones, Prof. Howard University School of Law
Alana Murray
Wade Henderson
John Stokes
Craig Thompson
Michael Wegner
Lia Wright-Teconi

Faculty Advisors: Professors Homer La Rue and Carmia Caesar

Chair: April Frazier, Howard University Law School, Class of 2004