Fulfilling the Promise

Howard University

School of Law

Howard Law Journal Brown at 50 Projects

To mark the 50th anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education, during the 2003-2004 academic year the Howard Law Journal will dedicate an entire volume of the Howard Law Journal to articles relating to "Brown at 50: Fulfilling the Promise." The HLJ is proud to contribute to the University-wide effort to commemorate, celebrate, and examine Brown by providing a forum in which to discuss the importance and impact of this landmark case.

In addition to retrospective legal analysis of this decision, HLJ hopes to elicit scholarly discussion on Brown's current effect and how the fight for civil rights should evolve. To that end, the HLJ has received commitments from many scholars who will write on topics that either reflect upon a particular aspect of the Brown decision, or that relate to corollary topics such as integration generally, aspects of education, and other matters concerning the current state of affairs in the ongoing effort to achieve social and political equality.

The HLJ has also partnered with the Marshall-Brennan Program and reached out to our local community in Washington, D.C., by creating a writing competition for high school students. Using personal examples, they will answer one of two questions:

1. Do you think the Brown decision has been effective in providing equal access to quality education to all public school students?

2. How has the Brown decision affected the generations of your family, including your generation?

The HLJ will select three winning essays to be published in the three issues, one per issue. Winners also receive a cash prize of $150.